Rhythm Interactive presents

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The Jungle Jambo production was created to connect kids as young as five through music and rhythm. After hundreds of school performances, it became clear what resonated with kids. The show also offers a perfect platform to encourage children to believe in themselves and to demonstrate that they can tackle challenges if they put their mind to it.

Children and the amount of time spent on digital devices is a current and significant topic, hence during the planning of the Jungle Jambo story, it seemed clear to leave screens completed out of the performance, however our team realized that digital devices are and will be part of people’s lives and therefore we challenged ourselves to come up with a concept of using digital media and at the same time to stimulate the imagination of our audience.


Meet the team


John Boone – Creator, Director and Performer

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John was born in Holland and immigrated with his family to New Zealand when he was 12. Music and drama were his favorite subjects at school. John started on drums at the age of 13, played in the school Jazz and Rock band, and later funded his university years by playing in local cover bands. In 2003 John started the company Rhythm Interactive and in the last 16 years has performed for thousands of people.

John is super passionate about delivering his shows and the concept to connect as many people from every corner of the globe through rhythm, encourage positive change and to show the power of the collective.



Lucie Feenstra – Performer


Lucie is a passionate musician and started playing the African Djembe drum after she completed a school project on African drumming. Lucie has been part of the Rhythm Interactive team since 2008 and continues to bring fantastic energy to the performances not only with her drumming but also with other instruments such as the Ngoni; a string instrument from West Africa.


Arnav Taode : Production Designer


Arnav graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2008 and his creative journey has led him to infuse different arts and design techniques to customize spaces which inspire change. His passion is to transform festivals and theater spaces by creating captivating and visual narratives. As Production designer, Arnav has been an integral part in creating the visual identity and set design for the Jungle Jambo production. 


Our Journey


It all began in 2003 when John returned from a trip to South Africa where he fell in love with the power of African rhythms and the concept of group drumming. John who started playing drums at the age of 13 took the group drumming concept back to NZ and put his spin on it, and Rhythm Interactive was born. A fully interactive drumming performance without a single word spoken as part of the theme action speaks louder than words. In the early days, the shows were mainly focused on connecting people through rhythm for corporate events, and soon after the shows took him throughout Australasia and parts of the USA. In 2008 John saw an opportunity to bring his show to NZ Schools.


Students and teachers loved the shows as they were fully interactive and involved everyone in the performance from the word go irrespective of their musical background. The school shows also allowed John the opportunity to inspire kids, with underlying themes such as: together as one, together we can make a change, persistence is key to success, and as a teaching method; If you can say it you can play it, and just by playing music together as one. John was invited to present at two TEDx events in New Zealand, one where he shared his journey “Rhythm is the pulse of life” and another where he shared how to create a deeper level of group focus (Collective Flow) through group drumming. It was the school shows and the enthusiasm of the kids which planted the seed of writing an interactive stage show for kids.

Jungle Jambo was born in 2018, a kid’s theatre performance with a storyline which mirrors some of the challenges we face on our planet today. A show which focuses on encouragement and positive emotions and demonstrates the power that together as one we can make a change.