About Jungle Jambo

The Jungle Jambo production was created to connect kids as young as five years old through music and rhythm. After hundreds of school performances, it became clear what worked and what resonated with kids, and the shows gave the perfect platform not only to connect young kids through music but also to make them believe in themselves and to show them that they can do things if they put their mind to it. Kids and time spent on digital devices is a current and significant topic. So during the writing of the Jungle Jambo story, it seemed clear to leave screens completed out of the performance, however, after some time the team realized that digital devices would be part of people’s lives no matter how we look it. After some careful thought we came up with the concept of utilizing digital screens where the performers and the stage are the connecting media between the audience and the digital characters using an ancient instrument; drums, a piece of wood with an animal hide stretched over the top. The drum is one of the earliest communication devices we had on this planet. Although it may come across as contradicting, we feel it’s a beautiful way to connect the past with the present.



With every ticket purchased Jango and Rhythm Interactive will donate $1 to the Orangutan Foundation www.orangutan.org.uk